Get the Look, Mac Russian Red:

ootd 13 ootd IMG_9132 IMG_9135 IMG_9155 IMG_9150 Leather Jacket- Primark

Dress- Zara

Tights- Asos

Boots- Missguided

Necklace- Topshop

Before going straight into the article, I should probably mention my overgrown eyebrows. I usually thread my eyebrows myself, but after my exam period they were so bad I decided to go someone in Norwich to get them done. Biggest mistake ever! I have never seen my eyebrows look so odd, which is devastating for me because I’m so particular when it comes to eyebrows. Now I’m growing them out so I can re shape them myself. In the meantime, thank heavens for eyebrow pencil!

I did this video because it was requested on my youtube channel and I love it when people comment and even more so when people request videos on certain things so I really enjoyed doing this video! Again I was babysitting, however, I seized the opportunity while the little princess was sleeping to quickly film and edit, in order to get this post up as soon as.

I have been doing a lot of casual outfits for my ootds recently so today I did a sort of dressed up day outfit, still border-lining casual but, just with a bit more edge. My necklace was Eid gift from sister in law and I can not express how much I love it. The great thing about statement pieces is you can wear a totally plain ensemble and it’s so perfectly completed by the statement piece. Effortless, simple and stylish.

I hope you are enjoying the blog and the videos and please let me know what you guys think or if there is anything in particular you would like me to a video/article on.

Lots of love…

Ammarrah xo

And remember ladies, “the best thing a woman can wear is confidence.”


  • Nicola Matheou

    I think your eyebrows look awesome, they always do!

    • Ammarrah

      Thank you so much! :) xx

  • Isabella

    I’ve been wanting Russian Red for a while now – really suits you!


    • Ammarrah

      Thank you so much darling! I really like it and have been wearing so often! I definitely recommend it! :) Loving your blog! xx

  • adela cechova

    That lipstick is perfect on you.
    Adela x

    • Ammarrah

      Thank you :) xx