Overalls Obsession

 Overalls Obsession

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 Overalls- Asos

T-shirt- Topshop

Boots- Asos

Socks- Asos

Bag- Zara

So I am officially back at uni next week ready to put in some serious graft before my August exams. Just a heads up, throughout my exam period I will be posting pre-prepared articles as filler articles, but still with outfits to inspire your style. Fear not! The quality of the articles and the effort gone in to them is still going to be the very best I can deliver, it’s just over the exam period I won’t have time to write the articles whilst revising. But, once my exams are over I’m going to be in serious blogging mode. I plan to make my outfits of the day a lot more personal so, as well as taking photos pre going out/ pre going about my day, I plan on including photos of my outfits whilst I’m out too and hopefully putting a few friends in there where I can and telling you where their outfits are from too. Just to add that little bit more personality to the blog and spice things up a bit.

Anyway, that aside, back to today’s outfit of the day. Overalls. Yes, overalls. I love them! I wanted a pair for ages and hunted high and low to finally get the right pair to suit me. As much as I wanted overalls with short leg trousers for summer, I thought to myself, well they’re baggy and breezy so even if I get long trousered overalls I can layer them up in winter for lectures and layer them down in summer. Jobs a good ‘un. Saving money by not buying two pairs depending on the weather.

I know a lot of people are reluctant when it comes to overalls, but I don’t know why that is? Personally, I think overalls are one of those essentials in a wardrobe, so easy to wear, comfortable and can be worn stylishly. When I first bought mine, my housemates both laughed at me, but then after me trying it on, they had both been converted. So, I’m hoping I can convert you guys too. If you already have a pair and are looking for outfit inspiration, then here is just one example, and after my exams I will be posting a “many ways to wear your overalls,” so look out for that.

Hope you like today’s outfit of the day, and just to let you know, I have some really exciting things planned for after my exams in terms of the blog. But I will reveal all in good time.

Keep leaving your comments below as I love reading them, one of my readers commented asking for more casual looks, so here is another and I will be posting a few more in due course.

Lots of love…

Ammarrah xo

And remember ladies, “the best thing a woman can wear is confidence.”

  • Siddika

    Once again you’re rocking the overalls. This time your cute boy-meets-girl style reminded me of my childhood! I hated wearing them as a child but seeing them on you made me rethink the whole overalls trend! I’m so glad you mentioned the two ways to wear them too. I would never have thought of rolling them up for summer and rolling them down for winter!
    Keep the posts coming!
    Oh and good luck with your revision! Xx

  • Amara

    Ammarrah you look absolutely fab! Once again cool & stylish. Aaah I’m not sure I’m brave enough to buy overalls, but you are so rockin’ this look. Maybe I’ll start with short dungarees :’) I love love love the socks & boots, it just makes the outfit. I look forward to what’s in store after the exams, best of luck with them! :) xx

  • Sarah

    you have convinced me ammarrah, would have never thought to wear overalls but this outfit looks amazing 😀 love the top too xxxxxx