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 Many Looks In Printed Trousers

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Printed trousers. Its almost as if I can see most of your faces drop at the idea of even trying on a pair on let alone wear them in public. In fact, for most people, printed trousers is one to avoid. But have you ever asked yourself why?

For the article I rummaged through my many pairs of printed trousers and put together outfits for all occasions, some casual, some dressy uppy and even a night out. See, that’s the beauty of them, so versatile yet so underestimated. You can style your printed trousers to suit any occasion and although in this article I have a different pairs on, you can essentially create all these looks with the same pair of trousers.

If you’re worried about how the print will look on your body shape then rest assured, every pair of printed trousers are not the same cut, you can find printed trousers in harem, straight cut, palazzo, etc. So stop looking for excuses, and if you’re unsure try a few different styles and prints on. Maybe starting with a small print to get used to the idea and then work your way to moving on to heavier print if you’re unsure about feeling confident in a pair.

One of the reasons I really recommend them  is the print allows you to throw on a plain t-shirt and look effortlessly stylish for those casual days and for the more dressed up look you can slip on some heels, grab your favourite clutch, accessories and voila- jobs, good ‘un. They really are those all year round pieces in your wardrobe, something you can layer up in winter and layer down in summer…


Casual outfit

Jacket- primark

T-shirt- Asos

Trousers- Zara


Boots- Asos

Necklace- ebay

One of the more casual looks, something I would wear for either day to day errands or meeting my girls to go shopping.

dressed up

Shirt- Zara

Trousers- Asos

Shoes- Topsop

Necklace- ebay

Clutch- Faith

A more dress uppy outfit,something I would wear going on a dinner date, or girly catch up date over drinks.


Jumper- Zara

Trousers- Zara

Slippers- Zara

Bag- Zara

A casual day to day outfit.

Night out

Top- Asos

Trousers- Zara

Shoes- Zara

Bag- Zara

Bracelets- Primark

A more going out/night on the town style outfit.

So there you have it, my outfits in printed trousers for a range of occasions. Please let me know what you thought of the article/layout and most importantly the outfits. As I keep saying, you guys are the heart and soul of every article so your opinions are extremely important to me, especially as I am just starting off it’d be nice to get things right from the set go. Please feel free to leave your comments below. Thank you and I hope you enjoyed this article.

Lots of love…

Ammarrah xo

And remember ladies, “the best thing a woman can wear is confidence.”

  • Leilah Ruan

    I like the one on the left, Kate likes the one on the right and Marie the second from right. Good job, Ammarrah babes xxxx

    • ammarrah

      This is exactly what the #iam campaign is going to be all about, people being confident in their own style. Each of you found a style of wearing printed trousers you liked and that’s great to hear! Look forward to reading more comments from you three :)

  • Sanna

    Best one so far!

  • Amara

    I love printed trousers! And I love all of yours. And I’m glad you’re inspiring people to try them out, because too many ladies fear them! Thank you for the idea of pairing them with a plain tee, because I’m always so unsure of what to wear them with. And my favourite have to be the ‘night on the town’ style ones. I’d never thought of throwing on a pair of heels to spark up the outfit. So great post! I feel like treating myself to a pair :’)

  • Siddika

    I’m really inspired by the way you’ve been daring enough to play around with pattern. All the looks look so stylish and above all you make the printed trousers look so comfortable on – exactly what you need in this weather! My favourite has to be the casual outfit! The blue printed trousers look so effortless and give a really laid back vibe. Lovin the yellow clutch too and how it adds a splash of colour to your outfit. You’re definitely rocking the printed trouser trend. Now I just need you to help me find my right pair seeing as you’ve converted me 😉

  • hafsa

    Love those asos printed trousers!! You’re really good at putting the outfits together. Looking forward to more pics 😉 xx

  • Sharon Chinnappa

    wow, LOVE the night out outfit, especially with you in it! :) I would normally wear these trousers with big baggy tops but I like the way you’ve made the outfit more formal – inspired now!! :)

  • Camille

    Love all of these outfits! All very classy and feminine, I have an endless amount of printed trousers which i never know what to wear with! but will definitely use some ideas and styling tips :)

  • Marium Anwar

    Ammarah I LOVE this! You look amazing and I love how you have matched up all these outfits. Keep it up! I will definetly use your ideas :) xxx

  • DallaModa